Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cream Cheese Cookies ...

I saw this recipe at and I put it out of my head.

I am a sucker for a simple cookie. Shortbread? Three ingredients. Butter. Flour. Sugar. What more do you need?

A bit of cream cheese, perhaps? A little salt?

Yesterday, Angelo tweeted the link to these cookies. And I clicked. And there was nothing more to be done.

This morning, I put a stick of unsalted butter and three ounces of cream cheese on the counter to soften.

And now I am sitting at the kitchen counter, very aware that I am losing the light outside, but hoping that I can snap a shot of these lovelies in time.

Dangerous. Dangerous, I tell you, this recipe.

Five ingredients. Five minutes of prep. Twelve minutes of baking.

No good can come of this.

I must remember not to keep cream cheese on hand.

A couple of notes: The next time I make these, I'll lessen the amount of sugar by a few tablespoons. These are a bit too sweet for me. I want more of the cream cheese to come through. I'll also cut the salt back to 3/4 t. And I'm baking these at 375 and for a few minutes longer than called for in the recipe, as 12 minutes does nothing to brown the edges in my oven. But they're delicious, dangerously so, and the texture is both crumbly-sandy and chewy.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Good Times, November Edition ...

The November cookie installment for the angelo:HOME blog features Bittersweet Baci. From an unlikely inspiration, as inspirations for cookies go.