Monday, December 18, 2006

Side Note ...

While it's hard to see because it's black, the base for my biscotti shot is a Fiestaware platter.

I mention it because Judi Noble, the art director for the Homer Laughlin China Company, found my blog and sent a note to me earlier this month, offering to send a piece. She has her Google set to catch any site that mentions Fiestaware (which I mentioned in a story that I wrote for a client a couple years ago and which I posted on the blog) and ran across my blog that way.

When I worked for the Tribune, we had to sign ethics policies every year, and it was stipulated that we were not allowed to accept any gift whose value was greater than that of a keychain. (It was expected that we understood that the keychains weren't from Tiffany.) Graft is a no-no.

So my immediate reaction to her offer was, "Oh, I couldn't." But then I realized that 1) I don't work for a newspaper directly anymore, and 2) She wasn't offering to send something to me in exchange for press. I'd already written the story and made the mention.

I replied to her and thanked her for the offer, suggesting that I'd love to receive a piece of Fiestaware and in exchange for her kindness, I'd use the piece in a photo shoot for the blog. Well, the biscotti shot doesn't show it off to very good effect, but I'll be doing a shot of all the cookies when I compose a cookie plate, and you'll be able to better see it then. Except that it will be covered by cookies.

But it's black and round and shiny and heavier than you'd expect it to be. And it was very kind of her to see to it that I received it.

So thank you, Judi.


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