Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fresh From The Oven ...

Where have I been all my life?

On the heels of today's post on Finding My Voice, my very good friend Jay sent a comment about doing what you truly love to do and not working a day in your life.

Well, I've done the not-working thing. Trouble was, I truly wasn't working. Which is bad for one's bank account.

No, what Jay was talking about was loving what you do so that it doesn't feel like work, of course.

That, we all know, is the dream.

I replied to his note, and an idea started to build. I was saying how the trouble with my writing is that what I write isn't the kind of writing that people get paid for, but that someday, I'd figure out how to combine the baking and the writing and, and, and I had this idea, see?

The blogs that seem to garner the most attention are well-focused. Blogs on a single topic. Not that I don't love Finding My Voice. I do. I love having a place to prattle on about goings-on.

But I need a single-topic blog, and given that cookie-baking season is upon us, and given that Mary, one of my editors, has dubbed me The Cookie Queen, well, it wasn't a long trip to connect the dots between baking and blogging: blogging about baking. A cookie a day. Cookie tips. Cookie photos. Links to my cookie stories or postings of the stories from my files.

I tried creating The Cookie Queen, but that blog is owned by a woman in Minnesota. Her bio says, "I work in healthcare, but my dream is to open a bakery."

Hey, me too!

Well, it's one of my dreams. It's just good sense to have more than one.

And while I feel rather possessive of my Cookie Queen moniker, the midwest is big enough for two of us, so she can own her Cookie Queen blog, and me, bein' a writer 'n all, am now the owner of The Cookie Queen's English. The cookies pictured above, for those who missed my post about it, were baked by me for a photo shoot for a story I did entitled, "Anatomy of a Cookie Plate." (It was an art-driven feature, hence the stunning photo by William Zbaren, who is brilliant, but in the coming days, I'll post the tips that made up the text of the story.)

Likewise, other cookie postings will commence forthwith.

So, welcome, cookie-loving friends. Stay awhile. I'll make cocoa.


Anonymous Doreen said...

Where's my hot chocolate??? LOL - Seriously folks - as a LUCKY recipient of Beth's gift o'cookies for the last few years ... I can attest to her being QUITE deserving of the Title of Cookie Queen (nurse in Minnesota - consider yourself challenged). Last year I wrote Beth "ode to a cookie" .... she may share it with you ... although she is not generally one to toot her own horn.

10:19 AM  
Blogger Jeff Hunter said...

I can see a cookie blog at the holiday time, but you know you're going to be forced to do a Chocolate Chip article in June...

Got any sugar-free cookie recipes? Got a diabetic friend and want to bring dessert one night...

11:20 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Aw, thanks, Doreen. You're very sweet.

Jeff, I don't have any sugar-free recipes that I've tested. Sugar-free cookie is a bit of an oxymoron, and, sadly, I think sugar substitutes are evil. So it'd be hard to recommend a cookie that used Equal Measure, for example, instead of sugar. But if I come across any low-sugar cookies (fruit sweetened, perhaps), I'll let you know.

In any event, thanks for the query. It helps expand my cookie mind.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Ethan said...

I'm told that "the" cookies for diabetics are made by a company called Delicious Frookie. (Customer of a former company I worked for.) I have seen "Frookies" here and there in the cookie aisle. Not very homemade, but maybe you could dress them up a bit with a festive plate or basket.

(Confidential to Dave: My validation code is "ooabff". Figure the press could have a field day with that one.)

11:20 PM  

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