Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cookie Gift ...

OK, kids:

I just put together my first cookie gift of the season and as I was composing it, I wondered what I'd sell this for if I wasn't giving it away.

This particular collection has 12 varieties of cookies, 6 dozen all together, presented in a fetching tissue-lined, paper-covered hat box. Each variety is wrapped in cellophane (in case you couldn't see it in the pictures!), tied with ribbon, and tagged.

The first shot is of the cookies out of the box, to give you a sense of the volume. The second shot, with its profusion of cellophane, is the box full of cookie bundles.

What price will the holiday cookie market pay? I ask for your input.


Anonymous Cookie Soulmate said...

A quick google search of "gourmet cookies" produces links to numerous gourmet cookie proprietors... most of which are charging anywhere between $1.20 and $1.70 per cookie. Cha-ching!! And that's not even with good packaging (mostly just boxes and tins). Not to mention that SEVERAL sites were charging that for BAR cookies... and any "real" cookie-baker knows that, bar cookies are cheating ;-)

Sounds like a great little business. You go girl!

3:50 PM  
Anonymous CookieQueen said...

Lovely! Believe me, people will PAY - especially for holiday cookies.
Several years ago, my girlfriend & I were gung-ho to start a cookie-baking company, so when I quit my job in November, we set forth to do a test. We printed up simple "catalogs" (literally 4 pages done on the old ink-jet) and gave them ONLY to our workplaces. We figured if we sold 1,000 cookies, it would be a good sign. We ended up selling well over 5,000 cookies!!! I was baking 13 hours a day for 2 weeks straight. We figured out the cost of all our ingredients and had it down to cost per cookie and then upped the price a bit - but nowhere near what we should have charged. 3 years later, people STILL comment on those cookies and wistfully ask if we are still baking. Unfortunately, with a 3-year old, full-time job (had to go back to work for benefits when I found out I was pregnant - my husband has junk for benefits), and school - I barely have time to eat & sleep, let alone bake for others.
So long comment (sorry) but point is - your cookies are lovely and people will pay! Give it a try next holiday season and see what happens!

8:43 PM  

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